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Two hands hold blocks. In one hand, the letters are F-A. The other hand holds two blocks that say K-E on one side and C-T on the other. Overall the blocks spell F-A-C-T or F-A-K-E.

How to Fight Against Information Manipulation

After observing several attempts to undermine the integrity of election-related information for democracies around the world, the National Democratic Institute, the International Republican Institute, and the Stanford Internet Observatory came together to create a document intended to help societies push back against information manipulation. This playbook, entitled Combating Information Manipulation:...

COVID-19, conspiracy theory, global panic warning signs. Social media campaign for the spread of disinformation.

Superspreaders of Malign and Subersive COVID-19 Information in U.S.: Russian and Chinese Efforts

RAND has released Superspreaders of Malign and Subversive Information on COVID-19: Russian and Chinese Efforts Targeting the United States. This report describes COVID-19 information manipulation by Russia and China targeting U.S. audiences for the first half of 2020. Although the two countries differ in their principal goals; Russia aiming to...