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Black automatic assault rifle against a colorful background riddled with bullet holes while the red section of the background "bleeds"

Tracking Gun Violence in America (2019)

The Gun Violence Archive, an online database started in 2013, compiles information on gun violence and provides up-to-date statistics on all gun-related incidents in the United States (omitting suicide). A real-time, quick-access chart on the homepage includes links to total number of incidents (33,510 as of August 7, 2019), number...

M4 Rifles along with side arm, knife, and ammunition belt sit at the ready

National Institute of Justice Hosts Seminar on Preventing Gun Violence

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is hosting a seminar titled “Preventing Gun Violence: Understanding Law Enforcement Responses and Improving Multi-disciplinary Partnership for Peace” on Wednesday, August 24th in Washington DC. The NIJ periodically organizes seminars that feature research pertaining to current policies and practices. The seminar will feature four...