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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Terrorism in Europe, Preparations for Mass Gatherings, Extreme Summer Weather, Capturing Content before it Disappears

Paris and the Threat of the Islamic State: Background and Context

The gruesome acts of violence perpetrated against innocent civilians in Paris last Friday night have fixed the world’s attention on the Islamic State.  With an estimated 129 killed and nearly three times as many injured, the international community has responded with grief, outrage, and shows of solidarity with the people...

Terror Threat Snapshot: June Edition

On June 19, 2015, The House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security released the June edition of the Terror Threat Snapshot, a monthly newsletter regarding terrorism. This month’s edition focused on: “ISIS Linked Plots Against Western Targets”; “Homegrown Terror Plots”; “Foreign Fighters in Syria and Iraq”; and “Isis Propaganda.” This...