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Deep Fake Dangers: More than Misinformation

In the April 2020 Australian Strategic Policy Institute policy brief, Weaponised Deep Fakes: National Security and Democracy, analysts Hannah Smith and Katherine Mansted demonstrate just how far deep fake technology has come, and how realistic and easily-created misinformation is, by opening with a foreword written by a deep learning algorithm. The...

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“Fishwrap”: Watch Out for This Cyber Threat on Social Media

Recorded Future has published their latest research, titled “The Discovery of Fishwrap: A New Social Media Information Operation Methodology“. In the report, author Staffan Truvé discusses Recorded Future’s foray into the detection and analysis of influence operations, both by nation states and other actors. As established by RAND Corporation, influence...

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Democracy Facing the Challenge of Disinformation

A new report from Freedom House—Freedom on the Net 2018: The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism—raises concerns that excessive fake news is resulting in a general trend toward decreased internet freedom. Disinformation and propaganda has the potential to incite violence and undermine democracy, but it is frequently used purposefully to compel...