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Legal Aspects of Social Media Extremism

The Program on Extremism at the George Washington University (GW) released additional papers on Online Violent Extremism as a part of the Legal Perspectives on Tech Series, commissioned in conjunction with the Congressional Counterterrorism Caucus. According to GW, the Program “provides analysis on issues related to violent and non-violent extremism.”...

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Chinese Disinformation Campaign Against the Hong Kong Protests

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute has released a new report analyzing the Chinese Government’s social media campaign against the recent Hong Kong protests.  Titled Tweeting Through the Great Firewall: Preliminary Analysis of PRC-linked Information Operations on the Hong Kong Protests, the study analyzes roughly 3.6 million tweets from over 900...

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Democracy Facing the Challenge of Disinformation

A new report from Freedom House—Freedom on the Net 2018: The Rise of Digital Authoritarianism—raises concerns that excessive fake news is resulting in a general trend toward decreased internet freedom. Disinformation and propaganda has the potential to incite violence and undermine democracy, but it is frequently used purposefully to compel...