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Hacker with computer stealing data

Case studies on America’s Ransomware Attack Preparedness

Cybersecurity becomes increasingly challenging as criminal tactics evolve and adapt. American companies are at the forefront as they race to strengthen network security in response to cyber threats. In 2021 the United States experienced the most ransomware threats at 421.5 million— a sharp increase from 2020. To assist companies in...

A hand holding cash reaches out to another hand holding a key in front of a laptop featuring an image of a locked padlock

Combating Ransomware: Key Recommendations from the Ransomware Task Force

Ransomware, a cybercrime in which attackers remotely compromise computer systems until a ransom is given, is posing an increasing risk to national security. These attacks can potentially cripple critical government infrastructure, disrupt schools and businesses, shut down hospital systems and other institutions, withhold and/or expose private data, and are on...