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Tracking State-Sponsored Cyber Operations

The Council on Foreign Relations is at the forefront of collecting the most important data on state-sponsored cyber activity around the world. Under the guidance of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy program the resulting platform paints a very dynamic world of cyber activity with new actors emerging every year. Launched in 2017,...

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Global Risks Report 2019 is Released

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Advisory Board has released its annual overview of most pressing risks facing the world in 2019. The Global Risks Report 2019 looks at the contemporary challenges along with their potential levels of impact – “from slowing global growth and persistent inequality to climate change, geopolitical...

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Financially Motivated Cyber Threats: A New Suspect is Identified

FireEye, Inc., an independent intelligence-led security company, has published an investigative report highlighting recent activities of the North Korean state-sponsored cyber operations. Based on the intensive review of various offensive actors in the cyber domain, the report identifies a distinct, financially-motivated group, APT38. While APT38 appears to share certain developmental...