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This image shows a close-up of two individuals looking at information on a mobile phone, conveying how smart phones and social media play a large role in our lives.

Amazon’s Dissemination of Conspiracy Theories and Extremist Literature

The  Institute for Strategic Dialogue has released Recommended Reading: Amazon’s Algorithms, Conspiracy Theories and Extremist Literature, a report examining how Amazon’s algorithm can spread disinformation and extremist ideology via literature recommendations. Aside from continuously suggesting more literature based on previously read extremist or misleading content, Amazon also outright suggests such...

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Surveillance: A Threat to Human Rights

Amnesty International issued a report warning about Facebook and Google’s surveillance practices. According to the new report, the surveillance-based business model poses “a systemic threat to human rights.” As such, Surveillance Giants provides a detailed overview of Facebook and Google’s practices that undermine the right to privacy and threaten freedoms...