Superstorm Sandy: Preliminary Response & Recovery Report


Superstorm Sandy made landfall in Long Island and New York City on October 29, 2012 and quickly caused severe damage to much of the downstate region. On December 10, 2012 New York State Senators Dean G. Skelos and Jeffrey D. Klein announced the formation of a bipartisan Task Force for Hurricane Sandy Recovery. The Task Force released the following report: “Bipartisan Task Force on Hurricane Sandy Recovery: Preliminary Response & Recovery Report“.

“The three major goals of the Task Force are to:
1. Identify areas most in need of recovery assistance;
2. Review rebuilding and storm planning policies to ensure better storm-preparedness in the future; and
3. Develop legislative solutions that will make New York State better prepared for a future severe weather event.”

The Task Force toured many of the hardest hit areas and “held roundtable discussions with over one hundred community, private sector, and government stakeholders, including major insurance carriers and senior members of the Cuomo administration. This preliminary report outlines the Task Force’s key findings from these roundtables and sets forth 10 preliminary recommendations. The Task Force will release a final report in the coming weeks.”

“The Task Force’s key findings and preliminary recommendations include:

• Developing certification and licensing procedures for mold remediation contractors.

• Supplementing existing business loan programs with direct grants to businesses severely impacted by Sandy.

• Working with the Department of Financial Services to expedite insurance claim check processing to ensure that homeowners get the resources they need to rebuild their homes as soon as possible.

• Developing better statewide protocols for gasoline distributions so that the energy needs of first responders and other critical service providers are properly prioritized.”

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