Sunday Marks the Second Anniversary of the San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

San Bruno Explosion and Fire

On the evening of September 9, 2010, a gas pipeline exploded in the neighborhood of San Bruno, California. The rupture of this pipeline created a crater 72 feet by 26 feet wide, and the gas released ignited an immense fire. This explosion resulted in the deaths of eight people and destroyed 38 homes.

This incident is a deadly reminder that pipelines throughout the country must be kept secure and systems should be in place to guard against structural weaknesses. It is estimated that between 29,000 and 62,000 miles of additional pipeline is required to meet the expected future need for natural gas over the next 25 years.

In our collection, we have several documents relating to this tragic event for you to read and reflect upon, as well as resources on pipeline infrastructure protection. Below are a few of these documents.