Streamlining Emergency Management for a More Resilient Nation

The 2018-2022 Federal Emergency Management Agency Strategic Plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) 2018-2022 Strategic Plan establishes three primary goals for professionalizing and unifying emergency management in the United States to address FEMA’s vision for a “prepared and resilient Nation.”FEMA Building

The three Strategic Goals set forth by FEMA include:

  1. Build a Culture of Preparedness
  2. Ready the Nation for Catastrophic Disasters
  3. Reduce the Complexity of FEMA.

This Strategic Plan is predicated on the recognition that in times of catastrophic disaster “no one department or agency can undertake this [emergency response] effort alone.”  Specific performance measures are identified for each Strategic Goal, and additional measures will be established over the coming term to measure progress toward sharing responsibilities across agencies and communities, and streamlining the capacity of FEMA.

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