Strategies Against Inevitable Superstorms: Extreme Storms Require Extreme Preparation

The Urban Land Institute (ULI) has released a report called “After Sandy: Advancing Strategies for Long-Term Resilience and Adaptability”. This report details the effects of Hurricane Sandy and discusses a likely future where such so-called Superstorms are the norm. One of the biggest challenges of climate change will be the rise of sea levels; most experts estimate that sea levels will rise in New York City from 20-36 inches by 2100.

This report hopes to draw attention to the vulnerabilities that coastal communities like New Jersey and New York City face in the dangers of climate change. Long term strategies for preparedness should be top priority for regions with predicted sea level rise and increasingly severe weather patterns.

In light of this, ULI has put together an advisory services panel of 25 individuals selected for their expertise and their ability to represent various geographic areas. The panel includes those in finance, climate change, environmental issues, real estate, infrastructure, and more.

The recommendations from the panel cover a broad range of topics, including land use and development; infrastructure, technology, and capacity; finance, investment, and insurance; and leadership and development.

For more on this and other reports by the ULI, visit their home page.

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