State Department Releases Reports on Human Rights Practices

Man waving American flagThis week, the U.S. Department of State released the newest edition of its annual publication, the 2019 issue of “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices“.  Each year, the State Department provides an update regarding human rights on all countries which receive assistance from the United States, as well as all United Nations member states. In the Preface, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo comments that, “The 44th annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices provide carefully researched, factual, and objective information on actions foreign governments are taking – or not taking – to demonstrate observance of and respect for internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms.  By publishing these reports, we reaffirm the United States’ longstanding commitment to advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms.”

The report is searchable by country, and also has a function to build a custom report. This year’s publication also includes appendices of Notes on Preparation of the Country Reports and Explanatory Material, Reporting on Workers Rights, Additional Resources, FY 2019 Foreign Assistance Actuals, UN General Assembly’s Third Committee Country Resolution Votes 2019, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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