Space Diplomacy and U.S. Leadership

Recognizing that space has become part of our critical infrastructure and is being utilized by private entities and governments worldwide, the Department of State has released “A Strategic Framework for Space Diplomacy.” This Framework entails plans to expand international cooperation with projects that benefit all, including solidifying commitments against space warfare or other destructive activities.

The Framework is built on three strategic pillars:

Pillar 1: Diplomacy for Space — Advancing space policy for the benefit of future generations.

This pillar focuses on creating “rules-based international order for space activities” to advance civil and commercial space applications, increase national security, and engage with competitors to reduce the risk of conflict in space.

Pillar 2: Space for Diplomacy — Leveraging space activities for wider diplomatic goals.

Further goals of space activity are discussed here, namely using diplomatic efforts “to make progress on global economic, environmental, political, technological, and societal challenges.”

Pillar 3: Empowering the Department Workforce on Space Diplomacy.

The last challenge in this framework recognizes and discusses the need to ensure that Department staff has the knowledge and tools needed in order to fulfill these space goals.

For more information on related topics, check out the HSDL In Focus for Space Policy and National Security.

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