September is National Preparedness Month!

Be Disaster AwareAs summer draws to a close and officially ends in with the equinox on September 22nd, the safety focus on outdoor recreation will shift to preparedness. What is preparedness, exactly? It is about knowing the hazards in your daily life and preparing for the scenarios that would most likely occur in association with those hazards. For those who don’t drive their own car, an example of preparedness could be ensuring the availability of safe and effective transportation in the event of an emergency evacuation. It could be making sure that your home is safe to be heated during the winter, or having studded tires or chains for your car if snowfall is prevalent in your region, and knowing how to use them. Preparedness can apply to your commute to work as well as it can to an impending weather event.

The U.S. Government has launched this year’s Ready Campaign with the theme, “Be Disaster Aware, Take Action to Prepare.” The Campaign provides digital media tools and resources to bring citizens up to speed on their preparedness. The Department of Homeland Security is focusing on family preparedness with its ‘family emergency plan resource’ or “Disaster Kit.” In addition, FEMA has announced National ‘Prepareathon!’ Day on September 30th, where people can pledge their intent to prepare at no cost, and receive valuable ersources and emergency management updates.

Preparedness plays a major role in mitigating the risk of overloading emergency response services during an actual event. It can substantially help you and your family survive any interruption in your normal routine, so get out there and prepare!


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