Securing Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII will be played on February 12, 2023 in Glendale Arizona, and DHS is teaming up with state and local officials to help secure the event and ensure the safety of everyone in attendance. The Department plans to contribute over 600 personnel to conduct various risk assessments and provide “real-time situational awareness reporting” for their partners.

At the time of this writhing, DHS has not identified any credible threats related to the Super Bowl. A full summary of the resources and support DHS will provide can be read here.

Though, as the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted, another possible threat to consider is the spread of infectious disease. In a recent study published by the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR), the researchers analyzed over 350 epidemiological studies related to sporting events around the world. Their objective, “to systematically review the epidemiological characteristics and prevention measures of infectious diseases at major sports events.” Titled Risks, Epidemics, and Prevention Measures of Infectious Diseases in Major Sports Events: Scoping Review, the full methodology and study can be accessed here.

More resources related to managing sporting events can be found at HSDL.

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