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Nuclear weapons and rogue states

On December 2nd, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, John Bolton, made remarks on “Nuclear Weapons and Rogue States: Challenge and Response.” He specifically comments on the risks of nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea, and the steps being taken to deal with those threats. In closing,...

Dept. of State launches student web site

The U.S. Department of State launched a new web site this month for elementary, middle and high school students designed to encourage interest in international issues and events, as well as careers in civil or foreign services. View the announcement at or visit the actual web site at

SARS Study highlights public health needs

In a newly released report on the public health community’s response to SARS, several recommendations valuable in responding to bioterrorism are stressed. To read a sysnopsis go to Article formerly posted at

Military looks to Global Communications

Citing a need for more real time information in warfighting, the U.S. Military is working towards developing a global communications system. Future communications systems would include a unified radio system and utilization of Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). Read more at Article formerly posted at

Cutting Chemical Risks for Wastewater Treatment

The Environmental Defense group just released their new report Eliminating Hometown Hazards: Cutting Chemical Risks at Wastewater Treatment Facilities “Thousands of wastewater treatment facilities exist across the United States. Many use toxic chlorine gas to disinfect the water, storing the gas onsite in large tankers. The practice puts surrounding communities...

UN Report: Al-Qaida seeks more WMD

A new report from the sanctions committee says that Al-qaida is stepping up its efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction and that the lack of technical expertise is the only thing stopping them from using these weapons. Al-Qaida’s growing presence in Southeast Asia and elsewhere has also made sanctions...

NIST issues update on Trade Center Disaster

The NIST has released a public update on the status of their investigation of the World Trade Center disaster. The investigation focuses on the building construction, the materials used and technical conditions that mitigated the disaster. To read the report go to Article formerly posted at

Structure needed to link info-sharing systems

“Bringing together the intelligence systems scattered between federal, local and state law enforcement agencies can be difficult considering the differing culture of each group. Yet a federation or network of networks, is the cornerstone of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing plan, a list of recommendations to share sensitive but unclassified...

Fire in the Hole: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Options

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace recently released their report “Fire in the Hole: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Options for Counterproliferation” This summary is from their website The Bush Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review, leaked earlier this year, advocates new nuclear weapons designed to destroy underground bunkers and neutralize caches of...

National guard to expand homeland defense role

The National Guard will take on more responsiblities in homeland defense, according to a military spokesman during a Defense Manufacturing Conference. With a greater threat of terrorist attacks, the government wants to expand the guard’s role from guarding the defense industrial base to include guarding critical infrastructure sites as well....