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Science and national security post-9/11

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is presenting a new web site focused on science and national security in the post-9/11 environment. According to project director, David G. Cooper, “the site provides a contact page for individuals to report ways in which they or their colleagues have been...

TOPOFF2 reveals readiness problems

Problems in communications, serious shortages of medical supplies and confusion were some of the problems according to a classified report on the exercise TOPOFF2 held earlier this year. Details at Article formerly posted at

Border Security still needs Visa reform

The Visa Entry Reform Act of 2002, designed to weed out potential terrorists from entry into the country has yet to be implemented for effectiveness according to the newly released report Falling Behind on Security. The report claims that over half of the mandated deadlines were missed with many still...

Executive order gives Emergency Appointments

A new executive order was signed giving the president the authority to make appointments during a National Emergency. To read the order go to Article formerly posted at

President approves military tribunals

In a letter to Congress, the President has given the Pentagaon power to create military tribunals to try prisoners at Guantanomo Bay in Cuba much to the consternation of many of U.S. allies. Details at,1,1694902.story?coll=la-news-politics-white_house Article formerly posted at

Justice sued over crime database

Enlisting local police and officials to enforce federal immigration laws has been a point of disagreement with the reorganization of government in support of Homeland Security. Now several immigration advocacy groups are suing the Justice department for unlawfully entering civil immigration violations into the new National Crime Information Center, a...

New Homeland security directives

With the signing of two new directives, the President has called for new assessments of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and to establish a “national preparedness goal”. To read more go to Article formerly posted at

Independence to get FEMA grant

the Federal Emergency Management has awarded the city of Independence MO a 5.5 million dollar grant to upgrade its communication systems to 700 MHZ in all city departments. The system will include global Positioning system technology and allow for data transmission. Details at Article formerly posted at

Border Security rules could hinder commerce

While trying to ensure safe borders with cargo security measures, concern for its impact on commerce and supply chain management has been expressed by members in the business community. Details at Article formerly posted at

U.S. Attorneys’ not ready for disasters

According to an Inspector General Report, the Crisis Management Coordinator Program of the Dept. of Justice has not adequately prepared for responding to disasters. To read more go to Article formerly posted at