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Device can scoop up, kill anthrax

Researchers have developed a device to collect and kill anthrax and other spores and perhaps prevent the spread of a bioterror attack, officials said. Click here for details on ThraxVac: Article formerly posted at

Homeland Security Dept. Planning 7 Offices Overseas

The Homeland Security Department plans to open law enforcement offices throughout the Muslim world, with agents assigned to investigate visa applicants who are suspected of ties to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, senior Bush administration officials said on Monday. For more information: Homeland Security NY times Article formerly posted...

US-VISIT program expected to be on schedule

Homeland Security Department officials are confident they will meet the first deadline for a massive entry/exit system, but they may change future milestones. For more information see Article formerly posted at

New GAO report highlights Personnel system for Homeland Security

Congressional requesters asked GAO to describe the process that the Department of Homeland Security has in place to design its human capital system and involve employees, and analyze the extent to which this process reflects elements of successful transformations. View the recently release report Human Capital here. Article formerly posted...

OPM releases suggestions for Homeland Seurity Personnel System

The Office of Personnel Management Monday posted on its Web site a detailed list of 52 options for the Homeland Security Department’s new personnel system. The list includes a range of choices that touch on everything from pay, performance evaluation and job classification systems to labor relations, disciplinary processes and...

Ridge says Canadians exempt from new U.S. Border Security Plan

Ridge and Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John Manley emphasized the U.S. policy to exempt Canadian citizens from the Visitor Immigrant Status Indication Technology, or the VISIT system, approved by Congress could change as implementation plans solidify. To find out more, click here. U.S. Visit System Article formerly posted at

ASAC recommendations for air cargo security

Press release by the Transportation Security Agency, Oct. 1, 2003. The TSA’s Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) provided 40 recommendations covering 22 topic areas for improving air cargo security. Details, including fact sheet and presentations may be found at Article formerly posted at

Homeland Security Needs to Better Track Foreign Workers

The Homeland Security Department needs to keep a closer eye on the high-tech workers admitted to the United States under a special visa program, congressional investigators said Thursday. For more information, view the GAO report at Article formerly posted at

Homefront Confidential

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has released their fourth edition of “Homeland Confidential. How the War on Terrorism Affects Access to Information and the Public’s Right to Know” To read the report, click here. Homeland Confidential 4th ed. Article formerly posted at

ID theft undermining integrated terror watch lists

Despite the government’s recent efforts to integrate dozens of terrorist watch list databases, terrorists may still be slipping through major cracks in homeland defenses by stealing identities and using computers to create fraudulent travel documents, officials told Congress yesterday. Read more at:,10801,85606,00.html Article formerly posted at