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Justice sued over crime database

Enlisting local police and officials to enforce federal immigration laws has been a point of disagreement with the reorganization of government in support of Homeland Security. Now several immigration advocacy groups are suing the Justice department for unlawfully entering civil immigration violations into the new National Crime Information Center, a...

New Homeland security directives

With the signing of two new directives, the President has called for new assessments of the vulnerability of critical infrastructure and to establish a “national preparedness goal”. To read more go to Article formerly posted at

Independence to get FEMA grant

the Federal Emergency Management has awarded the city of Independence MO a 5.5 million dollar grant to upgrade its communication systems to 700 MHZ in all city departments. The system will include global Positioning system technology and allow for data transmission. Details at Article formerly posted at

Border Security rules could hinder commerce

While trying to ensure safe borders with cargo security measures, concern for its impact on commerce and supply chain management has been expressed by members in the business community. Details at Article formerly posted at

U.S. Attorneys’ not ready for disasters

According to an Inspector General Report, the Crisis Management Coordinator Program of the Dept. of Justice has not adequately prepared for responding to disasters. To read more go to Article formerly posted at

Secret Intelligence Bill signed

The president signed legislation which would, among other things, make it easier for FBI agents to demand financial records from businesses without seeking court approval. Supporters claim that this will help identify money laundering and funding for terrorism. To read details go to,1,1834165.story?coll=la-headlines-nation Article formerly posted at

Senators urge resolution of detainees

Former POW Sen. John McCain and two other senators have sent a pointed letter to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to either release the detainees at Guantanamo Bay or try them. Holding the detainees could be a perceived violation of civil rights, asserted Sen. McCain. To read more, go to

Forensic research and development highlights

On December 10, 2003, the FBI posted its January 2004 issue of “Forensic Science Communications.” This issue includes a practical guide and manual for human hairs, a survey of tissue-depth landmarks for facial approximation, and other items of forensic interest. The current issue is available at Article formerly posted...

FBI forms Terrorist Financing Operations Section

On December 15, 2003, Carl Whitehead, FBI Special Agent in Charge, announced the formation of the Terrorist Financing Operations Section (TFOS). “TFOS was created to combine the FBI’s traditional expertise in conducting complex criminal financial investigations with advanced technologies and the powerful legislative tools provided in the USA PATRIOT Act.”...

National Security Language Act

A critical shortage of language professionals within the United States has led Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) and several colleagues to introduce a bill entitled the National Security Language Act that will use federal grants and other incentives “to strengthen the national security through the expansion and improvement of foreign language...