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Critical Infrastructure Library available

The Center for Infrastructure Expertise has created a Library that deals exclusively with Critical Infrastructure. For more information, please see Center for Infrastructure Expertise Library Article formerly posted at

Suspension of Immediate and Continuous Transit Programs

The Department of Homeland Security and Department of State have suspended the Transit Without Visa (TWOV) and International-to-International (ITI) programs as of Saturday, August 2, 2003. Read the Press Release and the Official Action document. Article formerly posted at

The Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority [CPA]

The Iraq Coalition Provisional Authority [CPA] is apparently a product of DTIC. The left side contains official documents [including regulations, an org chart and budget], speeches, press releases etc and the right side contains fact sheets on the various Iraqi ministries and more. Article formerly posted at

Counterpane’s Bruce Schneier

Counterpane’s Bruce Schneier Testifies at Hearing of Homeland Security Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Science, and Research and Development. Renowned Security Technologist Informs Subcommittee on Cyber Security Risks and Trends and Provides Recommendations on Better Securing Critical Infrastructure Article formerly posted at

Explaining Terrorism

Mark Burgess from the Center for Defense Information published a paper/commentary on the problems of defining terrorism, Aug. 1, 2003. He compared several definitions adopted by the DoD, FBI and the State Dept., and discussed how the definition of terrorism revolves around the terrorists’ motives, identity and methods. Article...

“There are no dangerous weapons”

In this article, published this week in the Journal of Homeland Security, Michael Hopmeier, Boaz Ganor, Tress Goodwin, and Debra S. Greinke discuss suicide attacks and potential responses. Article formerly posted at

Patriot Act abuses

The Inspector General of the Department of Justice on 17 July released a report documenting abuses of civil rights and civil liberties by the department and its employees. This report, a required provision of the Patriot Act, says that there have been 34 credible complaints of abuse falling under the...

TRCcon: Annual Conference & Expo on Counterterrorism and Homeland Security

The Terrorism Research Center will be holding an annual conference called TRCcon on October 1-3, 2003 in Washington, DC. This conference was created to serve as a forum where international experts converge to discuss the current and emerging threat of global terrorism and adaptive response strategies. TRCcon 2003 provides unprecedented...

San Diego Blaze “Domestic Terrorism”

Up to 100 investigators have been assigned to probe a San Diego construction-site blaze that authorities on Saturday called a potential case of “domestic terrorism” by a radical environmental group. The three-alarm fire, which leveled a 200-unit condominium complex that was under construction, caused at least $20 million in damage...