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Al Qaeda’s viability rests with drugs

French defense minister Michele Alliot-Marie, in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies asserted that drug production in Afghanistan is responsible for fueling the comeback of the Taliban and funds CBRN weapons for Al Qaeda. To read more, go to Article formerly posted at

Australia & India join missile defense program

Australia and India have said they will join the Bush administration in developing a missile defense, adding to a growing coalition of nations willing to fund, research, and possibly deploy a shield against rockets fired by terrorists and rogue states. To read more see: Article formerly posted at

Reliving 9/11 World Trade Center Fire

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is hosting a federal investigation of the September 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, which includes the re-creation of a fire in the north World Trade Center building. Other parts include tearing steel, heating structural supports, and checking insulation. Research has revealed...

FEMA’s Mitigation Division

Whether it’s an earthquake, a bomb, or a lethal airplane, infrastructure integrity is vital to minimize disasterous effects. The FEMA Mitigation Division addresses this and other critical infrastructure concerns through its education and training programs as well as research and publications. Visit this FEMA site at Article formerly posted...

Is America safe enough?

A new report out by the Democratic minority of the House Select Committe on Homeland Security purports that though America is safer than it was on September 11th, it is not safe enough. The report outlines security gaps in several sectors. To read the report, go to Article formerly...

Internal intelligence tool to aide in moles

The efforts of the Intelligence community to share information to help in the effort to counter terrorism could have the a compromising effect when it comes to moles within the agencies. To address this the community is working with a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corp. to develop software to monitor...

New report highlights academic freedom concerns

The American Association of University Professors has issued their report Academic Freedom and National Security in a Time of Crisis. Concerned about the new powers these laws afford the government, the report addresses those parts of the new laws that give the government powers of intelligence gathering, that can compel...

Freedom of Information & International Standards

A new report published by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) discusses the questions faced by those tasked witth drafting and/or promoting legislation guaranteeing the right to know in accordance with the principle of maximum disclosure. This report describes the international standards which have been established in...

Defense Dept.’s TIA system criticized on privacy

The Department of Defenses Inspector General has released its report on the development of the Total (Terrorism) Information Awareness program citing that lack of consideration of privacy concerns could lead to a nondeployable product or costly corrections. To read the report go to Article formerly posted at

Privacy Impact Assessment of US-VISIT released

The Department of Homeland Security has issued its first Privacy Impact Assessment of the US-VISIT Program.. The report serves as a review of what and how information is collected and the measures used to secure data from unauthorized use. Article formerly posted at