Review of FEMA’s Public Assistance National Delivery Model 

CNA Corporation published the Review of FEMA’s Public Assistance National Delivery Model. This model was introduced in 2017 during a record breaking hurricane season. According to the review, the National Delivery Model’s (NDM’s) original intent was to increase “accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity and improving timeliness and accessibility.”

The CNA Contractor Assessment Team (CAT) worked cooperatively and concurrently with the PATF [Public Assistance Task Force] to share data, clarify objectives, and discuss the required outcomes.

Based on the assessment, there is no need to eliminate or replace the NDM. In fact, the review concludes by saying the model “resulted in some notable best practices” in areas such as use of technology, customer service, and training availability.

The Public Assistance Assessment – Recommendations and Implementation Summary is also available. According to this summary, the PA (public assistance) National Delivery Model has succeeded in its original goal of increasing transparency and accuracy. There are, however, several recommendations to aid in expanding access to PA grant funding while “reducing the burden on stakeholders/applicants.” Some of the recommendations include Program Delivery Modifications, Consistency and Risk Tolerance Approaches, Communication and Change Management.

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