Resilience: Always Be Prepared…

Sea levels rising, typhoons in the Pacific while hurricanes roam the Atlantic; both cause havoc in this unpredictable world. Countries that have planned safety precautions in advance “snap back” faster than other countries that have not planned for the worst. The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) has created these resiliency “roadmaps” to assist in the process of building a program that will bring a sense of security to the population. Just to note the importance of spreading the word, Recovery Diva, Claire B. Rubin, has also directed her viewers to the OECD Report from her website. The Recovery Diva notes that the documents provide the following:

-“Prepare for, and Facilitate, a successful multi-stakeholder resilience analysis workshop”

-“Design a Roadmap to Boost the Resilience of Communities and Societies”

-“Integrate the Results of the Analysis into their development and Humanitarian Programming”

It is important to have a “safety net” when the weather turns for the worst and sweeps the streets with havoc. Below are the individual links from the OECD report.

The “how-to” Guide for Field Practioners

The Facilitator’s Guide for the Resilience Roadmap Workshop

Powerpoint slides for the Resilience Roadmap Workshop


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