Resilience Against Disinformation

Whether it’s the spread of “fake news,” the emergence of deepfake technology, or foreign actors on social media, the existence of mis- and disinformation is very prevalent in our lives today. To warn of the dangers of mis- and disinformation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has created a new graphic novel series called the Resilience Series. Having published two issues so far, the series aims to encourage readers to evaluate and verify sources of information in order to limit the impact of disinformation.

In the first issue, foreign adversaries are trying to use deepfake videos to undermine American democracy. Can our heroes, Rachel and Andre, put a stop to this disinformation campaign and discover the evil-doers? Find out in Real Fake!

The second issue, Bug Bytes, explores the dangers of disinformation being spread across social media. We follow a journalism grad student named Ava as she tries to expose a social media campaign that is falsely linking COVID-19 to 5G wireless networks. Stay vigilant, true believer!

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