“Relentless Resilience” – DHS Releases New Strategic Plan

American flag waving in the wind, cherry blossoms can be seen in the foregroundThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has released a new report, “The DHS Strategic Plan: Fiscal Years 2020-2024“. In an era of threat landscape which is both complex and constantly evolving, DHS is responsible for leading homeland security initiatives. According to Kevin K. McAleenan, Acting Secretary of DHS, “The Department’s dedicated operators and personnel will safeguard against
threats both foreign and domestic, respond to national emergencies and contingencies, and
preserve the Nation’s prosperity and economic security.”

In this updated strategic plan, DHS details how the Department will emulate the “relentless resilience” of the American people through six objectives:

  1. Counter Terrorism and Homeland Threats
  2. Secure U.S. Borders and Sovereignty
  3. Secure Cyberspace and Critical Infrastructure
  4. Preserve and Uphold the Nation’s Prosperity and Economic Security
  5. Strengthen Preparedness and Resilience
  6. Champion the DHS Workforce and Strengthen the Department

The objectives in the strategic plan provide a pathway for DHS to proactively respond to current threats, and effectively plan for future threats by “forging partnerships to strengthen public, private, and international cooperation and crowd-sourcing solutions that outpace the intentions of our adversaries.” In a world where unknown threats and the systems in place to combat them are both convoluted, DHS argues that it is imperative to bolster and streamline its functions and responsibilities, especially at the Headquarters level, in order to ensure “that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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