Protecting Yourself from an Active Shooter

Flag at half mast at a high schoolIn one week alone, 34 people were killed and 63 injured in active shooting incidents in Gilroy, CA (July 28), El Paso, TX (Aug 1) and Dayton, OH (Aug 2). In light of these tragic events, the Ready Campaign of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would like to highlight the resources they provide to help you to protect yourself and your loved ones in an active shooting incident. The webpage, Active Shooter, provides concise instructions on what to do during an incident.

Current guidelines recommend that individuals Run, Hide or Fight, in that order.

If it is possible to flee safely, experts recommend that people run and herd others away from danger. If running is not possible, individuals should attempt to find a hiding place and secure it from entry by the active shooter (if possible). It is not recommended that people hide in groups.

If all else fails, the final recommendation is to fight back. Many active shooters have been unarmed by bystanders who had no choice but to fight. This is suggested only as a last resort as the risk of fatality is high.


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More resources and reports on Active Shooters can be found at the Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL).

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