Pres. Obama authorizes air strikes to recapture Mosul Dam

Yesterday, President Obama notified Congress, per the War Powers Resolution (Public Law 93-148), that on August 14 he authorized air strikes in Iraq to recapture the Mosul Dam.

Earlier this month, Pres. Obama authorized targeted air strikes in Iraq to support forces fighting to break the siege on Mount Singar. He announced the earlier air strikes in a public statement on August 7 and subsequently notified Congress. The following day he issued a statement about the air strikes and took questions from the press.

The White House has released two recent statements on the situation in Iraq. The August 14th statement is available as text and video. The August 11th statement is also available as text and video. Additionally, the President’s Weekly Address on August 9th addressed American Operations in Iraq.

Selected White House links regarding Iraq situation:

August 7 statement:

August 8 letter to Congress:

August 9 Weekly Address – American Operations in Iraq:

August 9 statement with Q&A:

August 11 statement:

August 11 video:

August 14 statement:

August 14 video:

August 17 letter to Congress:

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