Preparing for Hurricane Irma – UPDATED with Additional Resources

UPDATED on 9/8/17 to highlight the following resources relating to both Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These two sites “provide geospatial data from authoritative sources where possible that can be useful to support community response and recovery.”

In preparation for what many are calling a hurricane of unprecedented proportions, the U.S. Geological Survey [USGS] created a special topic dedicated to Hurricane Irma on its website.  The USGS website created for Hurricane Irma contains a number of useful tools to track the progress of Irma, including an Event Support Tool, which provides the latest information about the path, timing, and strength of the storm, and a Flood Event Viewer Tool, which indicates flooding and provides data about areas that have already been affected.

The website also has a number of news articles by the USGS highlighting the steps that the USGS has taken to prepare for the storm, including installing storm-tide sensors in Puerto Rico and along the Florida coastline.

Finally, USGS provides a list of additional resources and information related Hurricane Irma, including links to the National Weather Service, FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency], and current water conditions in Florida.

For more information related to hurricanes, check out the Homeland Security Digital Library Featured Topic: Hurricanes, and the Featured Topic: Climate Change. For information related to other types of natural disasters, check out our resources on Earthquakes and Wildfires.