Power to the People: FBI Launches New Wanted App

Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation logo

On February 6, 2017, the FBI launched its third free app titled the “FBI Wanted App.”

The app allows the public to look through Wanted profiles and Missing Persons nation-wide, with search options such as typing in a city name or a specific individual’s name. Public participation in sending the FBI information via apps has assisted the organization in capturing individuals on the Wanted list.

“The information in the app is also posted on the FBI website, but the app includes several features and capabilities that make it especially fast and easy to use. For example, with the app you can:

  • Access information in one user-friendly interface, with a single tap of the app icon bringing up all Wanted profiles;
  • Take advantage of a suite of search and filtering options (see sidebar);
  • Easily report information by using buttons that either call the FBI or link directly to the Bureau’s online form for providing tips;
  • Bookmark individual profiles with one touch, adding them to a favorites page so you can easily access them later; and
  • Customize your home screen to display the information that is most relevant or interesting to you.”

You can download the app for free in the Apple App store and Google Play.