Post 9/11 Terrorism Assessment


Understanding the evolution of terrorism and counter terrorism policy has never been more crucial.  With competing information funneled into broadcast media left and right, it can be difficult to fully comprehend and understand what the threat level is and what response should be taken.  Because of this, New America released a four part report detailing the post 9-11 threat of terror and how it has evolved over time within the United States.  This report poses questions surrounding the most significant aspects of terrorism and provides in depth answers as well as statistics to help Americans better understand the threat of terrorism.  Among these questions are:

  1. Who is likely to become a terrorist?
  2. Why do terrorists engage in extremism?
  3. What is the exact threat level today?

Additional content focuses on the timeline of events directly after 9/11 to today.  As the threat continues to evolve and ISIS continues to spread propaganda via social media, the jihadist threat remains low particularly with regards to outside actors.  The largest threat of radical jihadist terrorism is presented within our own borders as American nationals have perpetrated the vast majority of terrorist plots indicating that online radicalization will be an ongoing method of recruitment.

When it comes to the threat of terrorism, no American should feel uninformed of the risk and the reality.  The Department of Homeland Security’s Digital Library has every resource necessary for those who wish to know more [though some documents may be restricted to authorized users].