NORAD: Tracking Santa Since 1955

Santa TrackerWhere is Santa Claus?

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is a United States and Canada joint organization which defends the homeland by monitoring and controlling the aerospace. This month, NORAD is temporarily switching its top priority mission…to find Santa’s whereabouts. The tradition, that began in 1955, continues to provide accurate and timely information on Santa’s flight path. By closely monitoring satellite data NORAD follows Santa’s flight path to make sure he completes his trip safely.

Children and parents can track Santa on the Official NORAD Santa Tracker website or on their mobile phone via the app that includes Secret Santa Files, games, movies, and Santa tracker countdown. By following this website, the users can find out where Santa is at any given moment and where his next stop will be.

To learn more about NORAD’s assistance in tracking Santa, please see this special holiday video.

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