New Timeline of Homeland Security Events and Milestones

The HSDL is pleased to announce a new addition to the products provided on our website!

HSDL’s new Timeline includes a variety of events and milestones related to homeland security and emergency management. It replaces our previous calendar highlighting Anniversaries and Commemorations, and provides similar information in a more robust and user-friendly format.

As an introduction to this new feature, here is an overview of what is included on the Timeline:

Timeline Entries:

Each entry on the timeline contains a brief description of the event, its significance, and a selection of related resources. See the Pulse Nightclub Shooting for an example.

Timeline Filters:

The Timeline can be viewed as a whole, or can be filtered to view events in one of four main groupings:

  • Attacks significant terrorist attacks, bombings, shootings, and other intentional acts
  • Natural Disasters earthquakes, hurricanes, extreme weather, and other naturally occurring disasters
  • Man-made Disasters non-intentional, human-influenced disasters and accidents
  • Milestones legislation, government actions, and selected documents of particular significance

It can also be filtered by Month to view all the events occurring in a specific month, across all years. For example, April is a surprisingly eventful month in the history of homeland security.

Timeline Criteria:

Events included in the Timeline have been chosen for their significance in terms of:

  • located in United States or targeting U.S. citizens/property abroad
  • loss of life or injury
  • damage to environment or property
  • monetary loss or economic impact
  • legislative impact or government response
  • historical interest

New events will be considered and added as appropriate.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome and may be directed to