New Strategy on Collaborative Migration Management Released

The National Security Council has released the Collaborative Migration Management Strategy, the first of its kind focused on “strengthening cooperative efforts to manage safe, orderly, and humane migration in North and Central America.” A related White House Fact Sheet is also available. 

According to the Strategy,   

 The United States has strong national security, economic, and humanitarian interests in promoting safe, orderly, and humane migration.” 

The Strategy, and a related Strategy for Addressing the Root Causes of Migration in Central America are “driven by the U.S. Government belief that all individuals should be able to find safety and achieve a stable and dignified life within their own countries. When that is not the case, asylum and other legal migration pathways should be readily available to those who need them.”  

The document  opens with an explanation of the strategic environment, U.S. interests, and desired end state before sharing strategic objectives. Tied directly to the strategic objectives, the Strategy is centered on eight lines of effort:  

  1. Stabilize populations with acute needs 
  2. Expand access to international protection 
  3. Expand access to protection in countries of origin 
  4. Improve and expand temporary labor programs in the region with worker protections 
  5. Assist and reintegrate returned persons 
  6. Foster secure and humane management of borders 
  7. Strengthen regional public messaging on migration 
  8. Expand access to lawful pathways for protection and opportunities to the United States 


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