New Report: Securing the Smart-Grid

smart grid

The Center for Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security (CIP/HS) at George Mason University School of Law has just published its August edition of ‘The CIP Report’ which highlights smart-grid security. This CIP Report specifically highlights the “significance of and the challenges with securing the smart grid.”

“The critical role of the smart grid was recently displayed in India, when more than half of its population lost power due to the failure of its energy infrastructure, and in Virginia, where power companies and residents were unprepared for the consequences of an unexpected, violent ‘derecho’ storm. To further complicate the matter, the various companies and governments responsible for protecting this critical infrastructure are challenged by its interdependencies with other sectors, including cybersecurity and supply chain security, which introduces new stakeholders into the legislative and security fray.”

In this edition “the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Development (R&D), Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, U.S. Department of Energy provides an overview of smart grid security. The findings from the Workshop on Securing the Smart Grid: Best Practices in Supply Chain Security, Integrity, and Resilience, which include best practices in supply chain security and resilience that help to reduce cyber risks, are revealed. Then, Progress Energy explains their collaborative efforts in building bridges between operations technology (OT), information technology (IT), and supply chain professionals and Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory (SEL) analyzes their best practices designed to ensure supply chain security in smart grid components. Next, in a collection of vignettes, different companies illustrate their best practices in supply chain security, resilience, and integrity. Finally, the Director of Global Supply Chain Security with the National Security Staff describes the U.S. government’s integrated and collaborative approach to enhancing global supply chain security.”

The report includes the following sections:
-Smart Grid Security
-SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratory)
-Supply Chain Security
-Legal Insights
-Conference Announcement

To read more about power grids see the recent HSDL blog “Energy Infrastructure: An Overview of India & the August 2003 U.S. Canada Blackouts.”

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