New Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Promoting Global Security

Mouse pointing to typed SecurityThe Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released a report on the applicability of artificial intelligence (AI) within a broad range of national security matters, including cybersecurity, information security, economic, defense, diplomacy, and other vital government functions. The report, titled “Artificial Intelligence and International Security,” is a continuation of a CNAS series focused on “the potential consequences of advances in [AI] for the national security community.” While the report does not include all possible ways AI can be utilized in promoting global security, it does point to specific considerations of potential use of “this highly evolving technology.”

In particular, the cyber domain remains the main focus of where AI could provide the most effective solutions to reducing vulnerabilities and addressing future attacks. Similarly, AI offers mechanisms for evaluating data within the informational ecosystem thus boosting resilience against propaganda and other content exploitation. Furthermore, as suggested, “AI could also help governments and financial institutions address data privacy and protection problems.”

In addition, various applications within intelligence, homeland security, defense, and diplomatic missions can be further enhanced via efficient use of AI technologies. Ranging from enhanced intelligence collection methods, to improved healthcare accessibility, to timely warning signs for environmental disasters, AI represents a unique tool “across a variety of national security settings.” Ultimately, “understanding how AI innovations will shape the global economy, the information environment, and societies around the world is crucial” to facilitating a stronger national security.

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