National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies Released

The Trump Administration has released the National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies (C&ET). The strategy, building off of the National Security Strategy (NSS) outlines a whole-of-government effort to ensure continued American leadership across a wide range of technology areas including: artificial intelligence, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) mitigation technologies, autonomous systems, and space technologies.  

The document begins by outlining the US role as the world leader of critical and emerging technologies, highlighting the importance of continued leadership, peer engagement, and risk management. The strategy is centered around two Pillars of Success: 1) promoting the National Security Innovation Base; and 2) protecting our technology advantage. The document explains each of these pillars, and includes priority actions for consideration.  

“The National Strategy for C&ET, in accordance with the NSS, unifies the United States Government effort to maintain worldwide C&ET leadership with our allies and partners.”  


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