National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism Released

The White House has released the first ever National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism. A related White House Fact Sheet is also available.  Informed by a comprehensive assessment of the domestic terror threat that President Biden requested on his first full day in office, this Strategy is predicated on the idea that the threat of domestic terrorism is both persistent and evolving.”  

Following an introduction of the threat, the strategy pledges to protect both the nation and civil liberties. The approach consists of a government-wide effort, involvement of critical partners, and a focus on violence and contributing factors. According to the document, “it is critical that we condemn and confront domestic terrorism regardless of the particular ideology that motivates individuals to violence.”  

The Strategy centers on four key pillars, each of which includes related strategic goals.  

Pillar 1: Understand and share domestic terrorism-related information.  

Pillar 2: Prevent domestic terrorism recruitment and mobilization to violence. 

Pillar 3: Disrupt and deter domestic terrorism activity.  

Pillar 4: Confront long-term contributors to domestic terrorism.  

The document concludes with the reminder that “addressing this threat demands concerted action, coordinated implementation, and careful respect for civil rights and civil liberties.”

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