National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan Released

Recently released by the White House, the National Maritime Cybersecurity Plan to the National Strategy for Maritime Security (Maritime Cybersecurity Plan) provides a roadmap for safeguarding the American economy by strengthening cybersecurity in the Maritime Transportation System. As an extension of the National Strategy for Maritime Security (NSMS), the Maritime Cybersecurity Plan aims to integrate cybersecurity with the NSMS’s key principles:

  1. Freedom of the seas
  2. Facilitation and defense of commerce to ensure the uninterrupted flow of shippingShip with cybersecurity threats. Maritime
  3. Facilitation of the movement of desirable goods and people across our borders, while screening out dangerous people and material

There are three main components to the Maritime Cybersecurity Plan: Risks and Standards, Information and Intelligence Sharing, and Create a Maritime Cybersecurity Workforce. The plan outlines each section in depth, describing detailed “priority actions” to be taken related to each component.

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