National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference

The National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference will being on October 6, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia. The importance of cybersecurity in nearly all aspects of homeland defense and security cannot be understated, and a new generation of security professionals need the proper training and opportunities to meet future challenges.

The National K12 Cybersecurity Education Conference will feature timely and thought-provoking presentations that highlight effective collaborations, bold experiments and innovations, and other potentially game-changing methods in support of bringing together cybersecurity workforce, training, and educational leaders from academia, business, and government for two days of focused hands-on workshop and discussion in support of the NICE strategic goals[.]

The three primary goals of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) are:

  1. Inspire a sense of urgency in both the public and private sectors to address the shortage of skilled cybersecurity workers
  2. Strengthen education and training across the ecosystem to emphasize learning, measure outcomes, and diversify the cybersecurity workforce
  3. Support employers to address market demands and enhance recruitment, hiring, development, and retention of cybersecurity talent

For more information, see the HSDL calendar or visit the conference website for forthcoming keynote speaker information.