Modernizing Defense: Strengthening Our Industrial Base

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recently produced a National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) to guide the Department’s policy development, investments, and activity in the coming years. The 2022 National Defense Strategy highlights the importance of building a resilient industrial base in order to give the U.S., and it’s allied and partner forces a competitive advantage. Events of recent years, including the COVID-19 crisis, and Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated a surge of industrial demands on the DoD.

The NDIS aims to strengthen and modernize four critical areas:

  1. Resilient Supply Chains: The Defense Industrial Base can produce products and technologies quickly and cost-effectively.
  2. Workforce Readiness: A well-trained, sufficiently-staffed, and diverse workforce to achieve national defense goals.
  3. Flexible Acquisition: Flexible acquisition strategies to scale production swiftly, and strengthen defense supply chains.
  4. Economic Deterrence: DoD policies to deter and counter adversaries from weakening U.S. national security by economic means.

It is stated in the report, “Each of the four priorities has associated long-term actions that promote flexibility and dynamic capabilities as we build this ecosystem. This strategy will describe the priorities and actions as well as the risks posed if we fail to act.”

Overcoming current challenges is vital, with a focus on consistent funding, information integration, workforce training, and addressing economic threats. The NDIS calls on both public and private sectors to fortify our military’s capability and deter adversaries, by ensuring they have the material needed available.

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