Major Overhaul to Hurricane Sandy Recovery in the Works

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy made a devastating impact to the east coast, “caus[ing] more than $19 billion in damage and lost economic activity[.]” Since then, there have been several relief programs that have helped in rebuilding the communities that were affected.

A recent Press Release given by Mayor de Blasio on April 17, 2014 described how these relief programs have been assisting in the recovery of the communities that have been affected. The de Blasio administration also referenced an in-depth report titled, “One City, Rebuilding Together: A Report on the City of New York’s Response to Hurricane Sandy and the Path Forward.” This report, “follows a number of improvements made since January to cut red tape and move homeowners through the pre-construction process much more rapidly[.]”

CBS New York local news also has a video clip regarding Mayor de Blasio’s press release and the programs that are assisting the affected communities. The video clip can be found here.

Listed below are a few of the several blogs referencing Hurricane Sandy:

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“Mayor Bloomberg’s New Plan to Protect New York City from Future”

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