LLIS in the HSDL


In spring 2015, the LLIS.gov website ceased independent operations and delivered a large portion of its collection to be consolidated with the HSDL.  By fall of 2015, the HSDL made almost 23,000 resources, transferred from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Lessons Learned Information Sharing (LLIS) program, searchable on the HSDL website.  FEMA released a Question and Answer document about the consolidation effort.

One of the advantages of this move is that a large portion of LLIS.gov content, such as lessons learned, innovative practices, after-action reports, plans, templates, guides, and other materials, will be searchable in a single location. This allows the homeland security and emergency management communities to find relevant information in one place. FEMA’s LLIS program will continue to produce trend analyses, case studies on the use of FEMA preparedness grants, webinars, and other documents relevant to emergency managers. These products are available either on the FEMA.gov site or HSDL.org.  Some of the most recent LLIS products include Hazard and Core Capability Trend Analyses, Grant Case Studies, and Lessons Learned and Innovative Practices. They can now be found by searching the LLIS section of the HSDL.

Not all LLIS functions and features transferred to the HSDL. If you are seeking specific resources formerly housed with LLIS, please contact us at hsdl@nps.edu, and our librarians can provide support or direct you to a FEMA POC.

Access to the Materials

User accounts from LLIS.gov were not transferred to the HSDL. You cannot login to the HSDL with your LLIS.gov credentials. If you do not already have an account with the HSDL or the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), you will need to create an account and then request access to the HSDL.

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