Law Review Commons: A Great Source for Open Access to Law Scholarship

A key research database that warrants greater attention is the burgeoning Law Review Commons . The first of its kind, the site serves as the largest open access law database comprising more than 300 law reviews and over 220,000 articles from top law schools dating back to 1852. The site sprang in 2013 as a Bepress project in its drive to provide the public greater access to new scholarship and ideas that theretofore only existed in paid-subscription sites.

Indeed, sources such as the Law Review Commons may be increasingly more common in the future since greater internet access has increased public demand for the free-flow of information from a wide-range of sources.

The Law Review Commons allows users to browse hundreds of open access law reviews by subject, title, or works and authors. Additionally, the site offers a general, as well as a more advanced, search function on both the Law Review Commons database and the larger and more diverse BePress Digital Commons Network, which comprises over 2.4 million documents from 530 institutions.

As part of its mission to boost “discoverability” and citations of law scholarship, Bepress also allows qualified users to submit their law-related articles for publication.