July 2018 United States Attorneys’ Bulletin Covers Fentanyl and Related Threats

emergency sign in red outside a buildingThe Executive Office of United States Attorneys released the July 2018 edition of the United States Attorneys’ Bulletin. The current issue highlights “one of the Department of Justice’s highest and most pressing priorities” – the nation’s opioid epidemic.

The Bulletin illustrates a wide range of opioid-related issues including articles on dangers of fentanyl, methods of prosecution, fentanyl anti-trafficking efforts, community outreach programs, as well as public safety concerns associated with fentanyl use across the United States. As suggested by James A. Crowell IV, Director of the Executive Office for United States Attorneys,

We must break out of the vicious cycle of drug abuse, addiction, and overdose that has devastated countless American families.
To underscore the importance of various approaches by federal and civil practitioners, this issue of the Bulletin offers a detailed overview of the most current efforts in combating fentanyl epidemic.
Each issue of the United States Attorneys’ Bulletin focuses on a legal or technical topic of interest to attorneys in the United States Department of Justice while providing expert insight and comprehensive analysis of each subject. The Bulletin is a valuable tool for both practitioners and researchers. It is published six times a year. The remaining available issues can be found here.
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