Is It Safe? The Department of Defense Cyber Strategy

Recently, the Department of Defense (DoD) released their Cyber Strategy report the following Strategic Goals in mind: (1) Build and Maintain Ready Forces and Capabilities To Conduct Cyberspace Operations (2) Defend the DoD Information Network, Secure DoD Data, and Mitigate Risks to DoD Missions (3) Be Prepared To Defend the U.S. Homeland and U.S. Vital Interests From Disruptive or Destructive Cyberattacks Of Significant Consequence (4) Build and Maintain Viable Cyber Options and Plan To Use Those Options To Control Conflict Escalation and to Shape The Conflict Environment At All Stages (5) Build and Maintain Robust International Alliances and Partnerships and Deter Shared Threats And Increase International Security And Stability. Each objective has an Implementation Objective in which the DoD lists, with detail, how they plan to achieve their goals.

Shifting their focus from their goals, the DoD also illustrates how they will uphold their desired goals and continue to pursue Cyber Security.

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