Interesting Theses from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

Today the HSDL would like to highlight three theses from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Understanding the Emergence of Alshabab in Somalia by Mohamed Omar Assowe, looks at how the disorder in Somalia and the division in opposing groups has led Alshabab to adopted a jihadist ideology and terrorist methods. These and other factors may make the total defeat of Alshabab with an exclusive military approach unlikely to succeed.

Operations at the Border: Efforts to Disrupt Insurgent Safe-Havens by Eric Hunter Haas, examines how “disrupting an insurgent’s access to sanctuary and safe-haven is a critical aspect of operational planning for counterinsurgent forces. By denying an insurgent’s access to safe-havens early in the conflict, the counterinsurgent will gain a marked advantage over the initially weaker force.”

Impact of the Peaking of World Oil Production on the Global Balance of Power by Pascal Eggen, “found that the peaking of world oil production will increase the resources awareness of great powers. While oil production will decline, nations will try to preserve their high level of organization. The world politics will shift from idealism, typical of our present growing economy, to realism and offensive realism.”

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