Intelligence Community Threat Assessment

Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats has released his office’s Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community, which outlines the regional and global threats facing the United States. The topic of threats to our infrastructure in the cyber realm headline the list of global threats, which also includes terrorism, WMD proliferation,  and human security.

For the second year, Internet of Things (IoT) threats are featured prominently in the cyber threats assessment. Fears about the potential threats posed by IoT devices have grown in the past several years as simple and vulnerable internet-connected devices flood the market. The Mirai malware demonstrated those dangers when it was unleashed in the fall of 2017, resulting in the interruption of several large internet service entities, including DynDNS, CNN, and others.

The full assessment can be accessed here on the HSDL. For more on this topic visit our Cyber Crime and National Security Featured Topic.