Information Disorder: The Growing Threat of Weaponized Narratives

In this 2019 Threatcasting Lab report, titled Information Disorder Machines: Weaponizing Narrative and the Future of the United States of America, author Brian David Johnson discusses insights and findings from a recent Threatcasting Lab workshop exploring future threats posed by information disorder machines (IDMs) and the implications for U.S. homeland security.

The report highlights rapidly evolving threats to our national security posed by emerging technological advancements, and an increasingly complex information environment. Johnson states:

“[A]dversaries use IDMs to incite violence and tribalism, encourage anti-federalism, inspiring populations (regardless of political affiliation) to question the authority and relevance of the United States government and the union. This destabilization will distract populations, governments, and militaries, focusing on inflamed issues so that other adversaries can gain advantages elsewhere.”

The report identifies future threats that organizations, individuals, and communities may face as a result of weaponized narratives, and offers recommendations on how to “disrupt, mitigate, and recover from the future of effects of IDMs”.

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