Inaugural Indo-Pacific Strategy Report Released

US Patrol in Indo-PacificThe U.S. Department of Defense released its inaugural 2019 Indo-Pacific Strategy Report: Preparedness, Partnerships, and Promoting a Networked Region, highlighting the importance of the Indo-Pacific region in American politics, economics, and homeland security.

The U.S. has five Pacific states that include Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon and Alaska and four territories in the Pacific: Guam, American Samoa, Wake Island, and the Northern Mariana Islands. According to the Secretary of Defense, the Indo-Pacific presents a “complex security environment” in which the U.S. must act to ensure peace and prosperity and compliance with international order.

This report describes the history of the Indo-Pacific; the current geopolitical and economic landscape; and the nature and extent of foreign presence and interest in the region. It provides a strategy for the U.S. to maintain and achieve strategic interests through effective partnerships and alliances in the region:

The United States, along with our like-minded allies and partners, will continue to be engaged in this dynamic and rapidly growing region. The Department of Defense, in conjunction with other U.S. Government Departments and Agencies, regional institutions, and regional allies and partners, will continue to ensure that the rule of law – not coercion and force – dictates the future of the Indo-Pacific. We will build on our successes to ensure that this region remains peaceful, prosperous, and secure for decades to come.



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